3 disinfectants to help you keep clean during the new coronavirus epidemic

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At present, the novel coronavirus control and prevention work has entered a critical stage. Family and personal hygiene should not be ignored. Basic measures such as hand washing, family disinfection and regular ventilation should be done. After this period of time, I would like to write an article to sort out some commonly used household disinfection products. No matter at any time, sanitation or not to be ignored, we must do a good job in daily household disinfection and good personal hygiene habits.

1、 84 disinfectant

The most common disinfectant,84 disinfectant is a kind of chlorine containing disinfectant with sodium hypochlorite as its main component, which is mainly used for disinfection of various surfaces and environments. The hypochlorite produced by sodium hypochlorite in aqueous solution can decompose new ecological oxygen, which has strong oxidizability and can oxidize the nucleic acid substance of the virus, thus killing the virus.

Colorless or light yellow liquid with pungent odor and effective chlorine content of 5% - 7%. It is widely used in hotels, tourism, hospitals, food processing industries, families and other health disinfection.


 It is also has the function of bleaching, so spraying it directly on clothes will cause the color of clothes to fade. Of course, the 84 disinfectant sold in the supermarket is to be mixed with water, and the proportion of such disinfectant mixed with water as the family floor is generally 1:50. After disinfection, attention should be paid to ventilation, and people should avoid the newly disinfected environment.

2、 75% alcohol

The main component of medical alcohol is ethanol, and it is a mixture. Medical alcohol is produced by saccharification and fermentation of starch plants and distillation, which is equivalent to the process of wine making. However, the distillation temperature is lower than that of wine, the number of distillation is more than that of wine, the alcohol degree is higher, the output of finished products is higher, the ether and aldehyde components other than alcohol are more than that of wine, which can not be drunk, but it can contact with human medical alcohol for disinfection.


It is mainly used in hospitals and other occasions. The main reason why alcohol is not widely used for household disinfection is that the storage of alcohol cannot be too much, and alcohol, as a flammable liquid, is too dangerous. Some time ago, it came out that after alcohol disinfection in a whole house, the air conditioner was turned on and the fire broke out, so alcohol must not be sprayed on the clothes, because the clothes are prone to generate static electricity Once the consequences of combustion are unimaginable.

3、 Sprayer Bottle

The Sprayer Bottle can be used to spray 84 disinfectant water to disinfect the surrounding environment. It can also be used to spray plants.