Garden Tools and Equpments

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While some would tell you that there is some magic list of garden tools that every gardener should have, the fact is, garden tools are still tools and a simple hand hoe that may be perfect for someone taking care of his or her gardens.

Below is not a list of garden tools you should have, but “suggestions” on garden tools that many gardeners might find useful to improve efficiency.

Lesson objectives

  • identify all the farm tools and equipment

  • describe the use of various tools and equipment appropriately

  • explain appropriate maintenance practices on tools and equipment

Garden Tools

Hoe---Can be used to weed and turn over soil. No matter what kind of crop you want to grow, you must first use a hoe to loosen and turn over the soil before you can grow crops, so hoe is very important for Gardener.  You cannot plant crops without turn over soil. Hoes can also be used to weed. For example, grass will grow in every season, weeding will be done once every season, especially in spring, the grass will grow vigorously, so it should be cleaned up regularly.

Secateurs---Can be used to help us shape plants, cut off old roots and dead branches, etc. Many friends usually directly use the daily scissors for plant pruning, but here we recommend that use special secateurs. 

Watering can--- Well understood to be used to supply water to plants. There are two kinds of watering can, one is sprinkler, which can imitate rainwater to water plants more evenly; the other is long-mouth kettle, which is the most common kettle and the most traditional one. It can help us to water the details of plants more accurately.

Spray Bottle---A very common garden tool. It can be used for humidifying plants and for spraying insecticides.

Shovel---In the process of flower cultivation, a versatile horticultural shovel is indispensable for flower cultivation, soil exchange, soil loosening and potting.

Hose pipe---Used when moving water in the garden for watering or cleaning.

Wheelbarrow---Used for transporting heavy loads in the garden, such as soil or fertilizers.