Introduction of High Pressure Cleaner

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Product Principle

   High-pressure cleaning machine is a kind of cleaning equipment which makes the high-pressure plunger pump wash the surface of the object by high-pressure water through power equipment. The impact force of water is greater than the adhesion force between the dirt and the surface of the object. High-pressure water will peel off the dirt and wash it away to reach the surface of the cleaning object. Because it is the use of high pressure water column to dust and dirt, unless it is a stubborn oil stains only need to participate in a little detergent, otherwise the strong water pressure of the bubble is enough to take away the general dirt, so high pressure cleaning is internationally recognized as one of the most scientific, economic, environmental cleaning methods.

    In the industrial production of modern society, high-pressure cleaning machine is one of the most commonly used mechanical cleaning equipment. It can use high-pressure water pump to generate high-pressure water column to create a strong washing pressure on the surface of the object to achieve the purpose of cleaning. At present, with the continuous development of the cleaning industry, the performance of high-pressure cleaning machine is also increasing. For example, the pressure generated by high-pressure cleaning machine is getting bigger and bigger. When the pressure of sprayed water column rises continuously, the application of high-pressure cleaning machine will not only be limited to cleaning, but also can use it to complete cutting work. 

   At present, in some special industries, the high-pressure cleaning machine has gradually changed from simple cleaning equipment and tools to cutting tools. For example, in the automobile production and manufacturing industry, most of the former thermal cutting methods used laser beam and electron beam. However, the advantages of using high-pressure cleaning machine for cutting work are more obvious. Obviously. Now the automobile production industry requires not only a variety of automobiles, but also a fast change, which requires more rapid production of automobile molds, and the use of high-pressure washing machine through high-pressure water column to cut and process automobile molds more efficiently. For example, high-pressure cleaning machine can be used for cutting steel plates with thicknesses greater than 10 mm, such as exterior body panels and glass-plastic panels. In fact, there are already large factories abroad that use high-pressure cleaning machine to process automobile body and parts, and the cutting accuracy is very high.

   Compared with the traditional thermal cutting, the high-pressure cleaning machine has the advantages of low cost and better effect, and it can also meet some special cutting needs. I believe that in the future development, the use of high-pressure cleaning machine will be more and more widely.


   According to the temperature of the effluent, the high-pressure cleaner can be divided into two categories: cold water high-pressure cleaner and hot water high-pressure cleaner. The biggest difference between the two is that a heating device is added to the hot water cleaner, which usually uses an incinerator to heat the water. Hot water cleaning can quickly wash away many dirt and grease stains which are not easy to wash out by cold water, which greatly improves the cleaning power. However, due to the high price of hot water cleaners and high operating costs (due to the use of diesel), most users will still choose ordinary cold water high-pressure cleaners.

    According to the driving engine, there are three categories: motor-driven high-pressure cleaner, GASOLINE-ENGINE-DRIVEN high-pressure cleaner and diesel-driven cleaner. Wangwen Shengyi, these three cleaning machines are equipped with high-pressure pumps, the difference is that they are separately selected and connected with motors, gasoline engines or diesel engines, thereby driving the operation of high-pressure pumps. The advantage of gasoline engine-driven high-pressure cleaner and diesel-driven cleaner is that they can operate in the field without power supply.

    According to the use, there are three categories: household, commercial and industrial. Top of the list, household high-pressure cleaning machine, the general pressure, flow and life is relatively low (generally less than 100 hours), looking for a simple, mobile sensitive, simple operation. Secondly, commercial high-pressure cleaning machines require higher parameters, and use frequency, use time is long, so the general life is longer. Thirdly, industrial high-pressure cleaning machines, in addition to general requirements, often have some special requirements, water cut is a good example.

Scope of application

   1. Cleaning and maintenance of various motor vehicles, engineering vehicles, construction machinery and agricultural machinery supporting products, such as scouring cars, bulldozers, concrete mixers, tractors, etc. It is the most ambitious cleaning thing for personal and small vehicle maintenance units to clean cars and motorcycles.

   2. Cleaning the exterior walls, floors, baths and swimming pools of buildings is particularly useful for doors and windows, floors, toilets, oil stains and handcuffs that are difficult to clean manually.

   3. Disinfection and cleaning of food processing plants, food processing machinery and kitchens in hotels and restaurants.

   4. The ultra-high pressure cleaner over 500 bars can chisel concrete, and even the high pressure cleaner with higher pressure can cut and chisel all kinds of labeled concrete.

How to Select High Pressure Cleaner

   1. Depending on the amount of use:

General high-pressure cleaning machine can be divided into household and professional two kinds. If you use the cleaning machine for less than 50 hours a year, you only need to buy a household cleaning machine. The price is cheaper, the weight is lighter, the raw material is simple and not heat-resistant. If the application time is more than 100 hours, we should consider professional high-pressure cleaner, larger volume, raw material selection of copper alloy pump head, stainless steel valves and other economic information, of course, the price is much higher. So how to choose depends on the customer's needs.

   2. Depending on the demand for hot and cold water:

High-pressure cleaning machine can also be divided into hot water and cold water. Generally, most of the market is cold water type, which can be used by tap injection of normal temperature and clear water; but some business places need to be washed out by hot water, at this time, we must select a hot water type of high-pressure cleaning machine. If cold water type of hot water injection is used rashly, the internal parts, including water pumps, will be damaged very quickly, because of small loss.

   3. Nozzle selection:

  The cleaning effect of different nozzles is also different. If the circular water jet nozzle can add cleaning power, the fan type sprinkler can roll the sprinkler as a low pressure spray (spray soap water) and a high pressure fan type water column, and the low pressure brush can discharge low pressure water and brush quietly.