New Coronavirus pneumonia information

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Basic Information of 2019-nCov Virus

Pathogenic virus: new coronavirus 2019 (short for 2019-nCov)

Source of infection: pneumonia patients who infected with new coronavirus/Wild animal

Route of transmission: through respiratory droplets, or through contact, with the possibility of fecal oral transmission

Susceptible population: the population is generally susceptible. The elderly and those with basic diseases are seriously ill after infection. Children and infants are also ill

Incubation period: generally 3-7 days, no longer than 14 days, with infectivity in incubation period.(Infectious during incubation period)

Host: wild animal, possibly Chinese chrysanthemum head bat

Typical symptoms: fever, dry cough and fatigue at the initial stage; dyspnea

On January 30, 2020, the World Health Organization(WTO) proposed to name the pneumonia infected by the new coronavirus "2019 ncov practice respiratory disease. 

At the same time, the World Health Organization announced that the new type of coronavirus infected pneumonia was listed as a public health emergency of international concern(PHEIC).