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The Ultimate Strong Brass Garden Hose Low Pressure Car Wash Foamer

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Perfect for car cleaning, windows washing, driveways, roofs, siding washing or anything else that needs a deep cleaning.
  • FG-002
  • SureDo

Foam Gun Feature

Net weight:



15*14* 23cm



Red, Blue, Yellow, Green(more than 500 customized logo can be printed)

Hose Connector:

1/4' fast connector(14mm)

Thread inner thread 22(mm)*1.5, interface 14(mm)




Brass, PVC

Function: self-priming household tap water foaming cleaner (cleaning all kinds of washable products), tap water pressure self foaming, water gun pressure boosting washing, effectiveness, effect, convenience, simplicity, portability, etc., is a good household cleaning product.

Features: among the washable products, it can be foamed, scrubbed, rinsed and dried in four steps, which is simple and convenient. The product is small in volume and light in weight, and does not need supercharging equipment. Tap water is directly used.

Cleaning fluid requirements: neutral foaming fluid, note: neutral foaming can wash the product in water without chemical reaction on the surface of the product.

Assembly method: first insert the foam tube assembly into the main body in the required direction.Then insert the water gun into the main quick connector (pay attention to opening the quick connector sleeve before inserting),Then rotate the main body and liquid bottle clockwise.

Separate the liquid bottle and the foaming machine, pour the neutral foaming agent into the liquid bottle, watch the outside of the liquid bottle, then close the foaming machine and the liquid bottle, connect the quick connector sleeve of the water pipe to the water inlet of the water gun, turn on the tap, then turn on the quick connector sleeve, pull out the water gun, spray water on the surface of the product to be cleaned, (Note: in order to avoid scratching the surface of the product during cleaning, please try your best to clean the product (spray it with clean water) and then connect the water pistol fast connector to the water inlet of the foaming machine. (note how much foam is needed, adjust the number of the adjusting plate on the foaming machine, the foam ratio is; the 0 gear is closed, the 1 gear is 1:10, the 2 gear is 1:20, the 3 gear is 4, and the 5 gear 1:100 is self selected). After washing, pull out the water gun, wash it and dry it.

When connecting the faucet, make sure to tighten it to prevent water leakage;

Do not mix with other acid-base detergent;

Don't aim the gun at the human body;

Do not tilt the bottle when it is not in use to prevent liquid leakage.