Type of Sprayers Classified by source of power

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There are multiple types of sprayers among the market from price range twenty dollars to hundreds dollars. They can be classified into four types of sprayer based on source of power.

1. Manual/pressure Sprayers:

The most original knapsack sprayer. It used to be the most widely used sprayer. But nowadays It has gradually withdrawn from the market. The advantage of manual sprayers is that the price is low, and the repair parts are easy to purchase and fix. The disadvantages are obvious: 1. Low work efficiency, high labor intensity, not suitable Large area work. 2, the liquid is easy to leak, dripping, not environmentally friendly, the operator is susceptible to poisoning.


2. Battery Sprayers:

The working efficiency is higher than the manual sprayer, and the atomization intensity is large, which can adapt to large-area operations. The disadvantage is that the maintenance cost is high since the water pump is not easy to repair; the length of the continuous operation is limited by the battery capacity.


3. Battery&Manual sprayers:

Can continue to work after the battery is exhausted because it is equipped with a manual system.

But at the same time, the manufacturing price is increased due to the cost.


4. Power Sprayers:

The most efficient sprayer- which equivalence to 3-4 times of manual sprayer. The atomization intensity is large and the direct injection length is long which could reach 7-11 meters. However, its price is high and the cost of use is high as well. Each barrel of potion needs a few dollars to a dollar of oil. Its also come with large noisy and high machine temperature. It is not convenient for the operator to use. In addition, motorized sprayers require professional maintenance and high maintenance costs.



Type of Sprayers

Classified by source of power (Suredo)




Manual/pressure Sprayers

Low price; easy to fix

Low work efficiency

Battery Sprayers

High efficiency

Short work time

Battery&Manual sprayers


Not cheap

Power Sprayers

High efficiency; Suitable for large areas and high plants

Noisy;Heavy;Expensive;high start up cost