How to identify the quality of electric sprayer

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In the spring ploughing year, a variety of sprayers are piled up in the market, with a wide range of price and quality. At this time of the year, dealers and farmers are entangled in the sprayer.Buying expensive ones is afraid of wasting money; Buying cheap ones is afraid of the effect; Buying a moderate ones is afraid of the true and false.

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The factors that determine the price of the sprayer

The main components of the electric sprayer are the sprayer tank, battery, water pump,spray lance and governor. Electric sprayers of similar specifications have little difference in cost. A good electric sprayer with a strict quality control which will increase the production costs, so the effect and quality will be much better. If the price difference between the sprayers of the same configuration is very large, it can only tells that the content of the core parts of the cheap electric sprayer is not enough to ensure the quality. At present, due to the difficulty of supervision, many small manufacturers do use substandard components that are not qualified, and the price difference comes out.

Why are electric sprayers similar in appearance, but the sprayers come from larger manufacturers usually have higher price?

In fact, many people only compare sprayer's appearances. People don't know that the core components are not the same. The level of repair rate will prove that many small manufacturers only done a good job on the surface; The large manufacturers use high-cost core components to meet the needs of dealers and customers to recognize product quality.

Why is the cheap sprayer better than the brand name sprayer at the time?

The cheap sprayer pressure will work effective at the very beginning. The battery life will be obviously weakened after 45 days. It is very troublesome to charge the battery in the middle of 2 months. It can hardly be used in the second year. The water pump will start to have insufficient pressure after 45 days. Individual damage will occur after 50 days of use. The quality of the product takes time to reflect.

How to choose a high quality sprayer?

The quality of the sprayer should be measured by the time of the spray application. Cheap sprayer typically spray 8 to 15 tanks of water. The brand sprayer guarantees a minimum spray of 25 tanks of water after a full charge. A really good sprayer can last for three years, even if it is not charged for a while, the time of spraying will not be greatly reduced. So a quality-assured sprayer will give you and your customers a long-term benefit.


  • Electric sprayer, used under normal conditions, the battery can generally be used for more than two years, and some farmers have used it for nearly five years. The old battery spray time will be shorter. If the positive and negative terminals of the battery are inadvertently contacted, sparks may cause the battery to burn.

  • Pumps can generally be used for about three years, the old pump spray pressure will be smaller, and generally can be used for more than three years. If the wire inside is not broken, the malfunction inside will generally bring about the smell of burning.

  • The governor is the one with the highest failure rate and can only be used for two years or less.

  • The charger may also be a green light (normally a red light) when the battery is not fully charged. Please take the charge time calculation as the standard, that red light and green light can only be used as reference.

  • The blockage of the water switch of the electric sprayer is also one of the causes of the malfunction.