How to wash a car with foam cannon

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    Here are two kinds of foam kettle. One is an independent watering pot, the other is a foam gun mounted on a water cannon. The independent foam sprinkling pot is simple to use. It only needs to pour the deployed car wash liquid into the watering pot, and manually pressurize, then the foam can be sprayed out. The use of foam guns is also simple. The prepared car wash liquid is poured into the cleaning liquid container and installed on the water gun. The nozzle contains a foaming device, and the foam can be sprayed from the nozzle through the pressure of the car washing machine.

   In the process of high-speed driving, the vehicle combines with the pollutants in the air to form a stubborn "traffic film" which is difficult to clean. This "traffic film" affects the brightness of the paint, and is not easy to be decomposed and removed by ordinary detergent. Only a special car wash foam has such a decomposition material. It can easily destroy this stubborn traffic membrane, clean the car, and restore the beautiful original color of the car paint.

   The principle of the water gun foam pot is to use compressed air to generate certain pressure inside the machine. Through the system configured by the machine, the cleaning liquid disposed in the container is sprayed to the vehicle or object to be cleaned by foaming.