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Sales and after-sales service

We have sold our products to more than 50 countries. We offer telephone assistance, e-mail assistance and online technical support to our customers all over the world. 

About us

We not only sell our products, but we consider it is our duty to continue providing the best service and support to our customers at any place and any time.

Xiaodu (SureDo) Co., Ltd. Focused on the manufacture and international marketing of the highest quality pressure washer, generator, water pump, enginesprayers, spare parts, etc. We are primarily a manufacturer of quality products to build successful partnerships with specialty retailers and company all over the world. We provide services to help businessmen around the world connect well with the products they want. What we are doing is to help you eliminate the worries on the way of trade. Currently, We have our own 15,000 square meters of factory and warehouse in the Taizhou City.

Our advantage: We have many reliable suppliers. We can meet all kinds of requirements for your products, whether you are pursuing cost-effective products or long-term stable high-quality products.