The more expensive the gasoline, The better the quality?

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Main Difference

No. 92 and No. 95 gasoline have no difference in oil quality!

The number of gasoline represents the octane number of gasoline. The main difference is that the proportion of its internal components is different, that is, the content of n-heptane and isooctane is different. The higher the gasoline grade is, the stronger the antiknock is, which has nothing to do with the quality and purity of gasoline.

92 gasoline is rich in 92% isooctane/8% n-heptane

95 gasoline is rich in 95% isooctane/5% n-heptane

When the piston moves in the engine, the gasoline and air will be mixed and compressed in the cylinder. If the pressure is too high, it is easy to knock.


Different engines require different antiknock values. Different gasoline grades are also suitable for engines with different compression ratios.

The higher the compression ratio. The higher the grade of gasoline used

Compression ratio: when the piston moves from BDC to TDC

How much gas is compressed in the cylinder: simply speaking, the ratio of piston stroke to combustion chamber. The larger the compression ratio, the higher the torque and power of the engine.

The relationship between compression ratio and fuel grade: the larger the compression ratio, the closer the gas is compressed. Therefore, the higher the content of isooctane in the gasoline is required to reduce the probability of deflagration, so the high-grade fuel should be used.


For engines with a compression ratio greater than 9:1, in principle, more than 90 gasoline should be added

For engines with a compression ratio greater than 9.5:1, it is better to use gasoline with a compression ratio greater than 92

When the compression ratio is greater than 10:1, it is better to use 95 or higher grade gasoline

The compression ratio is reflected in the configuration column of the manual

When you see the compression ratio, you know how much oil to add

What about adding the wrong oil?

It doesn't matter if you mix it occasionally, because the chemical composition is relatively close. If you mix it for a short time, you don't need special maintenance for the engine.

However, if the gasoline with different grades is mixed for a long time, the carbon deposition of the engine will increase, and the fuel consumption will increase accordingly. The cylinder pulling and knocking will greatly affect the service life of the engine.

It is particularly noteworthy that if the high-grade engine uses the low-grade gasoline, it may cause vibration, seriously lead to engine valve bending, valve cover damage and other problems.

In conclusion, we come to the conclusion as follows:

Gasoline is not the more expensive the better, and the engine is the best match. Confirm the instructions or check the oil tank's prompts before deciding what oil to add.