What is the reason why stainless steel sprayers are more expensive than plastic sprayers?

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      In our local market or international market, stainless steel sprayers are much more expensive than plastic sprayers. So what is the reason for this?Based on the investigation, we analyze the following three reasons.

1.The huge difference in price based on the difference in raw material

    The first reason is well understood. The price of stainless steel raw materials is far higher than that of plastics. At the same time, due to the natural of metal properties, stainless steel is not easy to reuse. And the defective products appearing in the production process can hardly be put into use again. 

     However, due to the good remolding properties of plastics. The process of crushing defective products, cleaning, filtering and other steps can make the plastics be put into production again, thus saving costs in disguise.

2.Difference caused by labor cost

    This article is mainly based on stainless steel sprayers. Due to the height and thickness requirements of the stainless steel sprayer, it cannot be completed by modern means of metal stretching. So at present, factories generally weld stainless steel plates to form containers. Then the most intuitive performance is time-consuming and labor-intensive. Due to price disadvantages and market problems, stainless steel sprayers usually account for only a small proportion of the entire sprayer market. Therefore, factories rarely invest money to realize modern mechanized production to improve production efficiency and reduce labor costs.At the same time, because the service life of stainless steel sprayers is much longer than that of plastic sprayers, the demand for stainless steel sprayers is again reduced.

    On the contrary, with the development of modern science and technology, plastic products greatly reduce the labor cost through automatic machinery such as manipulator. In theory, a plastic machine can work 24 / 7 continuously, which greatly replaces the manual work.

3.Difference caused by the proportion of supply and demand

    Due to the advantages of plastic sprayers, manufacturers of plastic sprayers have repeatedly increased, which greatly increased the supply and made the supply greatly exceed the demand. For example, the second half of 2021 is the best example.

However, due to the production capacity of stainless steel sprayers and there are almost no manufacturers entering the market, there will be no substantial growth in all supply sides. So economically speaking, due to stable supply and demand, the price will be more expensive than plastic sprayers.